After graduating from Art Center College
of Design, I spent the next 20 years in
the advertising business, working as
Art Director and Creative Director for
some of the biggest and best national
advertising agencies.

I developed my visual skills creating
ads and TV commercials, and was
fortunate enough to win prestigious
awards in every media category,
including best outdoor billboard of the
year for two consecutive years, chosen
by The Outdoor Advertising Association
of America; best newspaper ad of
the year, chosen by The Newspaper
Advertising Association of America; best
TV commercial of the year at the New
York Film Festival; many Belding Awards
including best magazine ad of the year;
and also—surprise—the best radio
commercial of the year, chosen by The
National Association of Broadcasters.

In the next phase of my professional
career, I opened Silverman Advertising


Design, specializing in package
design. My advertising background
brought a welcome new perspective
to packaging. My designs helped to
sell products for many of the
world's largest food manufacturers,
while winning many national
awards—including two Clio's—for
design excellence.

This background of thinking in terms
of color and visual structure —plus
strong feelings for the subject matter—
is what I bring to my impressionistic
landscapes. The years I lived at Lake
Sherwood, at the foot of the Santa
Monica mountains, have provided rich
subject matter.

I have always been fascinated by
nature’s amazing portfolio. And I use
images in this gallery to inspire my
work. Typically, my paintings minimize
detail and posterize the essence of the
images with bold design and color. I
want the final work to look effortless
and spontaneous.